Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Sense Of Humour

Well, here we are again. I am now eleven days old (well, nearly twelve) and Dad and Mum say I am developing quite the little personality - whatever that means. One thing that Dad has noticed is my ability to do impressions. Of course, there are the usual ones that every baby can do - Winston Churchill, Alfred Hitchcock -  but I have gone a step further and started doing ones that very few of my age group can accomplish, and Dad is very proud of me, says I'm a right chip off the old block, which is one of those confusing things that grownups say a lot.

So anyway, I suppose we should start with the first one that Dad saw me do, it's pretty topical, I guess you all know who this is...

Usain Bolt!
Then there is that great actor you all know from such films as Meet The Fockers, Ronin and The Fan...

You talkin' to me?
Then there's this sort of generic Chinese guy...

Dad says I remind him of someone he used to work with at LensCrafters in Gainesville. Whatever.
And also a ninja.

Eat your heart out, Jet Li.
And this one is my impression of a celeb coming out of a nightclub...

No pictures, please!

Daddy makes me laugh, he has a funny face and I like to stare at him like this sometimes.

The other day Daddy had just changed my diaper and I was staring up at him, when suddenly there was a funny noise. Guess what? I had some wind. It made me smile when I heard it, so Daddy made a similar fart noise with his mouth and I smiled again. He did it about five times and every time it made me grin. Daddy was right when he told me you just can't beat a good old fart joke.

I'll tell you what else is funny. Sally Bear is our dog. We have three dogs, but Sally is the only one to pay me any attention. All the time.

All I have to do is make a noise and she comes in and looks at me. She follows Mum and Dad around when they are carrying me and nearly trips them up. She gets so excited when I'm sitting in my bouncy chair and quivers, wags her tail and makes little whiny sounds. And when she is shut in the kitchen and she knows I'm in the living room, she howls. The other two look at her like she's mad. Here, I'll give you an example:

She sure is a funny doggie. I like funny stuff. If you didn't have funny things, life would be pretty dull. That's what Mum and Dad say anyway.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Get My Good Side

Hello again, it's me, Rosie. I've been spending a lot of time eating, sleeping, burping, eating, sleeping.... oh, and having my nappy changed, which I am not super keen on. Dad has been taking lots of pictures of me, so I thought you might like to see some.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hello Proper

Hello everyone, I am finally here!

 Mum went to the hospital on Tuesday for something called an appointment, to talk to the doctor. Doctor Chissell was not very happy with Mum's tests and told her to go to a place called Maternity Day Care. I like the sound of that, it sounds like a nice place. Anyway, while she was there listening to my heart another doctor said it was probably a good idea to make me come out, something called 'induction'. So then she was sent over to the Delivery Suite and we had our own room, just Mum, Dad and me.

 We got there at 2pm.

Mum and Dad got kinda bored while they were there.

 They ended up playing I Spy, which sounds like a good game to me.

At 6:30 the doctors and nurses put some gel on Mum's cervix which was meant to soften it, and then a bit later when it was soft enough they broke her waters, which is the big indoor pool I've been swimming in for the past 38 weeks. I was a bit annoyed at that and started to wriggle around so they couldn't hear me properly.

I showed them! Drain my spa, will you? Unfortunately all the wriggling and contracting started really hurting Mum's tummy and they thought it would be a good idea to take a sample of my blood from the top of my head. The cheek of it! So I wriggled some more. Eventually they decided that Mum should have me by Caesarian section, which is a long couple of words that basically mean they cut a hole in Mum's tummy to get me out of. Poor Mummy!

So I finally came out at 3:52 a.m., whatever that means. Daddy saw me first because Mummy was asleep.

They gave her something to knock her unconscious and so she took a while to wake up. Daddy held me for a while and then a nurse came along and measured my head and weighed me. I weighed 6 pounds and 15 ounces, apparently, which I hear is pretty good.  Then they dressed me in some pink jammies! All those weeks of floating naked in a warm pool and now this! The injustice of it all. But I didn't complain, because I was with my Daddy. He fed me my first bottle of formula, which, on the face of it, wasn't bad. It certainly filled a hole. Then after that I went to see Mummy because she was awake.

All that was this morning. Dad went home and changed his clothes and then came back to see me later with Auntie Carolyn and big sister Amy.

Mum was feeling a lot better by then. Daddy gave me another bottle and changed my undies for me. I think I like these people. They certainly seem to like me a lot. But I guess that's normal, because after all...

I am pretty special!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hello (Almost)

Hi. My name is Rosie, but Mum and Dad call me Peanut. I've been growing inside Mum's tummy for 37 weeks now, and I'm almost ready to come out and say hello for real.

Mum and Dad have only seen me two or three times with some special machine they call 'ultrasound'. Here's what I looked like the first time they saw me.

Dad said I looked like a big peanut, whatever one of those is. So I guess that's where the name comes from. Can't wait to find out what a peanut is so I can decide whether I like the name or not.

 Here's what they saw when they went for another scan in May. I was beginning to look like a real person.

And here's another picture, this time of my feet.

Mum and Dad are getting used to going to the hospital now. I think Dad likes the food in the cafe! They also have been to see a nice lady called Pippa who is something called a midwife. She puts a machine on Mum's tummy so they can hear my heart beating. I don't know why - Mum's heart beats all the time and nobody gets as excited when they hear that. I hear it always.

They went to see me on the ultrasound again when I was at 34 weeks. Here's where I shocked them by looking right at them!

Dad says I looked like Brando in this one. That Dad - he always says silly stuff. He talks to me sometimes, I can hear him doing goofy voices.

Here's my profile. Quite dignified, don't you think?
Mum and Dad have been gathering quite a lot of stuff together for my arrival. I'm quite looking forward to it.

A baby car seat for lil' ol' me, and a big bag of stuff for Mum to take to the hospital.

A bath and a blanket,

A cosy Moses basket,

Loads of togs for me to wear, and even

a snazzy pair of sneakers. Wow!

 I've got quite a big family apparently Three sisters, four brothers, two Grandmas, a Grandad and a step-Grandad, aunties, uncles, and lots of friends. I expect they'll all want to see me when I make my appearance at the end of this month. Party party!

See you next time! (For real, that is!)