Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Sense Of Humour

Well, here we are again. I am now eleven days old (well, nearly twelve) and Dad and Mum say I am developing quite the little personality - whatever that means. One thing that Dad has noticed is my ability to do impressions. Of course, there are the usual ones that every baby can do - Winston Churchill, Alfred Hitchcock -  but I have gone a step further and started doing ones that very few of my age group can accomplish, and Dad is very proud of me, says I'm a right chip off the old block, which is one of those confusing things that grownups say a lot.

So anyway, I suppose we should start with the first one that Dad saw me do, it's pretty topical, I guess you all know who this is...

Usain Bolt!
Then there is that great actor you all know from such films as Meet The Fockers, Ronin and The Fan...

You talkin' to me?
Then there's this sort of generic Chinese guy...

Dad says I remind him of someone he used to work with at LensCrafters in Gainesville. Whatever.
And also a ninja.

Eat your heart out, Jet Li.
And this one is my impression of a celeb coming out of a nightclub...

No pictures, please!

Daddy makes me laugh, he has a funny face and I like to stare at him like this sometimes.

The other day Daddy had just changed my diaper and I was staring up at him, when suddenly there was a funny noise. Guess what? I had some wind. It made me smile when I heard it, so Daddy made a similar fart noise with his mouth and I smiled again. He did it about five times and every time it made me grin. Daddy was right when he told me you just can't beat a good old fart joke.

I'll tell you what else is funny. Sally Bear is our dog. We have three dogs, but Sally is the only one to pay me any attention. All the time.

All I have to do is make a noise and she comes in and looks at me. She follows Mum and Dad around when they are carrying me and nearly trips them up. She gets so excited when I'm sitting in my bouncy chair and quivers, wags her tail and makes little whiny sounds. And when she is shut in the kitchen and she knows I'm in the living room, she howls. The other two look at her like she's mad. Here, I'll give you an example:

She sure is a funny doggie. I like funny stuff. If you didn't have funny things, life would be pretty dull. That's what Mum and Dad say anyway.

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