Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hello (Almost)

Hi. My name is Rosie, but Mum and Dad call me Peanut. I've been growing inside Mum's tummy for 37 weeks now, and I'm almost ready to come out and say hello for real.

Mum and Dad have only seen me two or three times with some special machine they call 'ultrasound'. Here's what I looked like the first time they saw me.

Dad said I looked like a big peanut, whatever one of those is. So I guess that's where the name comes from. Can't wait to find out what a peanut is so I can decide whether I like the name or not.

 Here's what they saw when they went for another scan in May. I was beginning to look like a real person.

And here's another picture, this time of my feet.

Mum and Dad are getting used to going to the hospital now. I think Dad likes the food in the cafe! They also have been to see a nice lady called Pippa who is something called a midwife. She puts a machine on Mum's tummy so they can hear my heart beating. I don't know why - Mum's heart beats all the time and nobody gets as excited when they hear that. I hear it always.

They went to see me on the ultrasound again when I was at 34 weeks. Here's where I shocked them by looking right at them!

Dad says I looked like Brando in this one. That Dad - he always says silly stuff. He talks to me sometimes, I can hear him doing goofy voices.

Here's my profile. Quite dignified, don't you think?
Mum and Dad have been gathering quite a lot of stuff together for my arrival. I'm quite looking forward to it.

A baby car seat for lil' ol' me, and a big bag of stuff for Mum to take to the hospital.

A bath and a blanket,

A cosy Moses basket,

Loads of togs for me to wear, and even

a snazzy pair of sneakers. Wow!

 I've got quite a big family apparently Three sisters, four brothers, two Grandmas, a Grandad and a step-Grandad, aunties, uncles, and lots of friends. I expect they'll all want to see me when I make my appearance at the end of this month. Party party!

See you next time! (For real, that is!)

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