Monday, February 25, 2013

Getting Bigger

I am now 5 months old. The other day my Mum and Dad took me to Little Explorers Children's Centre to get weighed - they do that on Tuesdays. I weigh 13lb 13oz. This means I am growing normally.

Lots of things are changing. I am trying something called 'solid food'. This is quite sweet stuff in a bowl. I also have rice and porridge sometimes. My favourite stuff is bananas.

My hair is growing, and changing colour.
Mum and Dad can't decide whether I'm going to be blonde or brown. I guess we'll wait and see.
Mum and Dad are having me Christened (whatever that means) at a big church in town soon. Mum has got me a pretty dress to wear. There's going to be a party afterwards which means I  will get lots of cuddles.

I am developing quite the personality. Mum and Dad say I'm hilarious. I think they are hilarious.

 Daddy makes me laugh with silly faces and noises.

I love my Dad - I cry when he goes to work. Not sure about Jammie Dodgers though.

I have learned how to blow bubbles and make raspberry noises and babble. I sometimes lie on my jungle gym play mat and talk to the animals on there. I don't know if they understand.

This is Sally Bear.

She is my little guard dog. I think she's funny. She makes me laugh a lot. She tries to lick me.

And sometimes my big sister Amy comes over and gives me cuddles. She's lovely.

Well, that's all the news. See you later!

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