Friday, February 1, 2013

I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles

Well, I am now 19 weeks old (can it really be that long?) and I am progressing in leaps and bounds. I am making lots of word-like sounds and babbles and Daddy keeps shooting lots of videos to document my progress.

I am constantly discovering new things. For a few weeks now my hands and fingers have fascinated me and I even found my thumb, which occasionally I'll have a bit of a suck on. I also like to suck on my sleeves, which annoys Mummy a lot! I've also discovered that I can wiggle my tongue around and stick it out at people, which is a hoot! The other night I discovered how to blow bubbles and make what Dad calls 'raspberry sounds', whatever that means.

Another new development is food. Daddy and Mummy have been giving me some porridge which they make with my milk,

and some lovely fruity puree thingies which I was a bit unsure about at first, but now I am getting used to the flavours.

I'm growing. I've already outgrown a few outfits but Mum has loads more for me to wear over the coming months. And I just found out I am going to get something called 'Christened' which means I can give that nice Mr. Hammond the vicar another cuddle. Mum and Dad are busy inviting something Daddy calls 'the world and his wife'. Daddy says a lot of stuff I don't get, but he always makes me smile and laugh because he has such a funny face!

P.S. By the way folks, I currently have a cold, which explains the heavy breathing in the vids.--Dad

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